What better way to display your message than in the sky?

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Big Aerial Sign Service, Inc. has been providing aerial advertising for hundreds of businesses, events, special occasions, and personal memories since 1996.

Based out of Minnesota we fly banners and billboards all across the country. Big Aerial Sign Service pilots have had extensive training and banner towing experience and can assist with your marketing and outdoor advertising nearly anywhere.

Aerial advertising is often called Banner Towing and has been effective form of outdoor advertising for decades. Towing a sign behind an airplane is exceptionally eye catching and nearly everyone looks up to read your message. Two unique advantages of aerial advertising are speed and location.

Speed: Big Aerial Sign has had requests made for signs to be flown, and had the banner on site within 3 hours. 

Location: Aerial advertising is a fantastic way to put your sign in front of your demographic at nearly any location. e.g. concerts, people boating on a lake, marathon/mud race route, busy freeway rush hour traffic, or over an ice fishing contest.